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The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) is a registered, non-political, non-government (NGO), voluntary body of English Language teachers from schools, colleges and universities. Formed in 1984, in Karachi, it is dedicated to improving the standard of English teaching and learning in Pakistan. SPELT operates on the principle of team work and self-help to enable maximum exploitation of the limited resources available in the country. As a body it attempts to be well informed about recent developments in teaching techniques, which invariably need to be modified in order to suit the needs and limitations of the Pakistani situation. It is affiliated with a number of international organizations like TESOL (USA), IATEFL (UK), RELC (Singapore), TESOL (Greece)

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SPELT and its activities are solely run by volunteers. SPELT provides all its volunteers a platform to learn and to network with schools and institutions. So come volunteer with SPELT, the only ELT Society in Pakistan.Click here to download the volunteer

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Message from affiliates

On behalf of TESOL International Association I am sending a message of solidarity to our Affiliate, SPELT and all teachers in Pakistan. Teaching breaks down the barriers of ignorance, teaching nurtures critical thinking skills, which can be used effectively to question assumptions and biases. Teaching promotes tolerance for other points of view, teaching promotes peace and conflict resolution without violence. Our statement on the massacre of Peshawar has been posted on our website

~ Rosa Aronson, Ph.D., CAE Executive Director TESOL International Association

     TESOL truly appreciates SPELT leadership team for its continuing efforts in promoting English language teaching and learning in your region and at the global level.

~ Carol Read, IATEFL President

The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers has been offering certifications for English language teachers all over Pakistan, ICELT being the most renowned of them, as it is certified by Cambridge University of United Kingdom and is internationally recognized. This certification guarantees to give your English language teaching career a boost.

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SPELT has held 355 academic sessions every last Saturday of the month since 1984