Working Committe

SPELT works through its seven committees:

The Conference Committee

  • This committee plans, coordinates, executes and presents SPELT’s annual international conference
  • The SPELT conference is not only a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas, but also provides an opportunity for networking among teachers and ELT experts from all over the world.
  • Over a hundred sessions are run over a three‐day period, consisting of workshops, papers, poster presentations and research findings, conducted by national and international experts. These aim to build teachers’ awareness of current methodologies and practices and offer a wide variety of topics to choose from.
  • Participants can also browse the stalls put up by publishers and acquaint themselves with the latest materials and books available in the market.
  • The SPELT conference is renowned all over the world for its unique travelling conference with the inaugural conference in Karachi over one weekend, and the concluding conferences in Lahore and Islamabad simultaneously over the next weekend. The aim of the conference is to reach as many teachers as possible and to raise awareness on issues in ELT
  • Conference Coordinator: Sonia Kazim

The Academic Committee

  • Organizes monthly sessions for teachers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Abbotabad, Mansehra, Haripur and Sukkur.
  • They are held on the last Saturday of each month
  • These are run free of cost for everyone
  • They provide a platform for novice teachers to present.
  • If you would like to be a presenter please Contact SPELT Academic Coordinator: Muhammad Talha Saleem

The Workshop committee

  • SPELT holds courses and workshops to enhance the English proficiency of teachers besides training them in modern methodologies of teaching, assessment, classroom management and other relevant issues
  • Runs the year‐long Internationally recognized Cambridge University ICELT course beginning in June every year. This is a valuable course for professional development and grooming; a must for all teachers of Language
  • Over the years SPELT has trained many teachers through its workshops and projects.
  • Workshop Coordinator : Rehmat Ebrahim

The Journal Committee

  • Collects, reviews, edits and compiles research findings, articles, papers and lesson plans from ELT experts and teachers from all over the world to produce four internationally recognized journals every year
  • These are distributed to all SPELT members free of cost
  • Our lead articles are reviewed by members of an advisory panel consisting of luminaries from the ELT world
  • SPELT’s Journal is an internationally recognized journal. It is shared with SPELT’s sister organizations such as BELTA, NELTA, IATEFL and TESOL
  • To date the journal committee has churned out 108 journals, which are available for reading in the SPELT library
  • If you are interested in contributing to the SPELT journal, please do get in touch with our Journal Committee
  • Journal Coordinator: Huma.M Thaver

The Programme Committee

  • The Programme Committee maintains liaison with federal and provincial education departments, and with national and international educational bodies.
  • It overlooks and ensures the smooth working of all other committees and coordinates SPELT programmes and projects.
  • Programme Coordinator: Khalida SA’Adat

The Working Committee

  • Holds the monthly working committee meetings, where all coordinators and sub‐committee members gather to discuss and share the work being done, as well as to suggest further areas to explore.
  • This committee also maintains liaison with SPELT’s chapters in Lahore and Islamabad, and its Units in Sukkur, Abbotabad and UK.
  • Working Committee Coordinator: Fatima Shahabuddin fatima.shahabuddin@akuedu,

The Finance Committee

  • Overlooks and handles all of SPELT’s finances.
  • SPELT finances itself though its own activities and so remains completely independent of any external financing, which may have any agenda attached to it.
  • SPELT is audited annually by M. Haris and Company, a firm of chartered accountants, and publishes an annual report to facilitate transparency in this area.
  • Finance Coordinator: Niamet Zehra