Ruqaiya Hasan

Professor Emeritus Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

SPELT pays homage to Ruqaiya Hasan, who was an internationally renowned and a brilliant linguist from Pakistan. She was a staunch supporter of SPELT from its inception in 1984. She submitted her articles for the SPELT journal and presented regularly at the SPELT International conferences as keynote and plenary speaker throughout the country.

She was the patron of SPELT’s Linguistic Core Group (LCG) and dreamt of helping teachers of English all over Pakistan by introducing them to Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL). She gave in-depth SFL workshops to LCG and donated the earnings back to SPELT. She firmly believed that cultural conext and grammatical patterns were closely intervowen, and teachers would gain immensely by understanding how language works in society.

Ruqiaya Hasan, SPELTers are proud of the brilliant legacy you have left behind. We will continue to learn from you, though you are not with us any more. We will miss your academic brilliance, your wisdom, and your humour, besides the loving warmth and concern you had for all of us!