Nasra Wazir Ali

(1922 to 2015)
Founder Trustee of Nasra Public Schools

SPELT pays homage to Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali, the veteran educationist and one of SPELT’s staunchest and most cherished supporters. She was an icon for education, an epitome of wisdom, warmth, sagacity, grace and elegance.

It was because of Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali’s great trust in SPELT’s vision and mission, and her strong belief in teacher education that she supported SPELT in all its academic activities since its inception. She provided the venue for SPELT’s training courses and academic sessions. A corner of Nasra School Library was allocated for SPELT to set its ELT Library for its Cambridge trainees and Nasra School teachers. The teachers from Nasra School are active participants at SPELT Conferences and other professional development programmes to this day. Her love for quality education and passion for empowering teachers through training has strengthened the bond between SPELT and Nasra Schools around the city.

SPELTers appreciate Mrs. Nasra Wazir Ali for her contribution to education and her unflinching support and encouragement to SPELT. We promise to take her mission forward, by continuing to give our very best to all our trainees. Although Mrs. Wazir Ali’s presence will be missed in many ways, but her dream to provide quality education lives on in her legacy for all of us!