27th international conference, concluded on Sunday the 16th of October, 2011

“ELT: Building Bridges” is the theme chosen for the Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers’ 27th international conference. For the past 27 years SPELT has been creating professional awareness amongst English language teachers at all levels and this year we’re reaching out with rejuvenated vigor and passion.
The conferences cater to the ELT crowd from across Pakistan. Sessions are based on various aspects of the conference theme, as well as generic ELT topics that are of interest to teachers who are always on a look out for hands-on language teaching tips.

The SPELT International Conferences provide productive and exciting opportunities for professional development through interactive and innovative sessions. The conferences also provide excellent opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with teachers from all over the world. Thus SPELT International Conferences give unique opportunities to classroom practitioners to learn and share. Proposals are being invited on the themes of classroom practices, research in language teaching and learning and their relationship with each other.

If you wish to present at the conference, you can download the Conference Abstract and the Presenter’s Proposal Form.

Available Downloads