Classroom Management October 20, 2018

The ultimate goal for any teacher is an academically productive classroom with focused, attentive, and on-task students.  Effective classroom management will ensure that the teacher is prepared with a set of tools that can be used to overcome anticipated and unanticipated disruptions in the class during the lesson to achieve her set goal with ease.

To be a professional teacher, one does not need a stroke of luck but it requires dedication, devotion and hard work, especially in the art of planning lessons and learning activities, and in managing classroom behavior. Having a successful start to the lesson is really an important task because this is when students decide whether whatever they are being taught can give them a valuable educational experience that they can engage with. A number of things convey to our students whether the lesson will be useful or not; for example, to what extent a teacher has the confidence and authority necessary to teach the lesson. Classroom management leads to organized learning that provide opportunities to enhance knowledge and secure adequate information that would build self-assurance and self-reliance in teachers.

At the end of workshop participants will have been:

  • Made aware of common issues that cause management problems in the classroom
  • Exposed to strategies that can be used to minimize problems of disruptions in class
  • Learned how to turn disruptions into opportunities

Who should attend?

  • English teachers teaching in schools
  • Primary and secondary English teachers
  • College teachers teaching English
  • Teachers of all subjects.


Dates and Day:    October 20, 2018

Time:                     10:00 to 4:00pm

Course Fee:     Members        PKR 2,000/-

Non Members PKR 2,500/

Limited seats on first come, first served basis


Institutional members send 4 participants at member rates. Become a member on the spot and avail member rates.


Ms. Tahira Moin is Masters in Botany and has completed  “In service English Language Teaching Certificate” –  ICELT from University of Cambridge via SPELT. She is on the management team of The Intellect School. She has conducted  and attended a number of workshops on professional development.