ACD Session No: 402 : The role of Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) in ELT Concluded on Saturday, April 28 2018

The concept of Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR) was developed by Carl Rogers, the pioneer of Humanistic approach. UPR refers to respect and acceptance of others as they are without judging them. It is human nature to ‘like’ people whom we value or find pleasant. This means, as individuals our inclination to ‘like’ others is dependent upon certain factors; in other words, our liking is ‘conditional’ to, say for example, upon someone’s behaviour or appearance.

In the scenario of English Language Teaching (ELT), particularly as a second language, the concept of UPR becomes more crucial. While teaching in ESL / EFL courses, a teacher has to take into account as to how this concept can be useful in teaching English as a second language. For example, for the reasons of non-familiarity with the language or cultural nuances of the English language, the teacher should not opt for conditional reception. If a student does not conform to the expected behavior patterns, teachers are likely to alter their disposition towards that student through disfavors, tone or actions. However, one of the prerequisites of being a professional English language teacher is the ability to treat a student with UPR.

This workshop will :

  • Explore the true meaning and nature of UPR from a psycho – pedagogical perspective, particularly in connection with ELT
  • Focus on the inevitability of having UPR as a professional ESL/EFL teacher
  • Examine the reasons why a significant number of teachers don’t possess UPR towards English language learners
  • Discover how English language teachers can become true professionals by understanding and embracing the concept of UPR
  • Share practical tips through examples, videos and demo as to how we can develop UPR


SPELT House:  101 First Floor Plot No. C-28 Khe-Ittehad, Lane 12 Phase II Ext. D.H.A, Karachi                                                                                                       

Date & Time

April 28, 2018

3:00 to 5:00 pm


Farooq Parekh has extensive experience of teaching spread over two decades. His teaching and training experience extends to a wide variety of streams and audiences that include teaching the English language at tertiary level, O/A level English at schools, and corporate English at national and multinational organizations. For over a decade now, he has been engaged in teaching A’ level Sociology and Psychology at prestigious schools and colleges. His qualifications include degrees in Sociology and History from University of Karachi, and University of Amsterdam in Netherlands. At present, he is pursuing his master’s in English Literature, as well as certification in Psychotherapy from CPCAB, UK.