ACD Session No: 401 : Motivation – The Neglected Heart of Language Teaching Concluded on Saturday, March 31 2018

Motivation is crucial to second language learning. It is said to be the ‘neglected heart’ of language classroom. (Rost, 2006). Without student motivation, there is no pulse and life in a language class. Teachers who incorporate motivational strategies in teaching pedagogies are found more successful in their classrooms. In second language teaching and learning one should keep determination in one hand and the other hand should be filled with motivation. In order to empower language teachers with skills and ideas of motivating students in their regular classroom teaching, hand on activities will be done in the session which will maximize the learning in daily teaching practices.

Participants will be able to;

  • understand the ‘neglected heart’
  • enhance knowledge about motivation
  • learn and practice motivational activities
  • incorporate motivational activities in lesson plans


SPELT House:  101 First Floor Plot No. C-28 Khe-Ittehad,                    Lane 12 Phase II Ext. D.H.A, Karachi

Date & Time

March 31, 2018

3:00 to 5:00 pm



Ms Hina Manzoor is an ELT practitioner and serving NED University for past eighteen years. She holds M.A English Linguistics degree from University of Karachi with first position. Her areas of specialization includes Critical Discourse Analysis, English for Specific Purposes, Syllabus Design and Language Testing etc. She has also several research papers on her credit at both national and international levels. She has supervised research thesis and projects in the field of Applied Linguistics. She has presented her works at two International conferences; in Malaysia and University of Sindh.