ACD Session No: 398 : Use of Technology for Effective Academic Administration Concluded on Saturday, December 23 2017

With time, the competition & pressure on education industry is growing! It`s high time for the school administrators & coordinators to handle responsibilities smartly, along with sharing & teaming up with all the caretakers of a child for their better future.

Today, the institutions have an opportunity to equip themselves with equipment and technologies to get digitized, stop maintaining manual records so they are able to share the updates with the parents to create a partnership with them. There is an impending need to examine and overcome the issue of institute from usage of out-dated administrative methods.

This is to bring forth the idea of using today`s technology to make life easier of school staff, their performance transparent and available in a glimpse on a click to their management along with helping the school become effective meanwhile sharing the records with all the caretakers of the child so they are involved in every step.

The session will be used bring ideas to the floor while sharing various examples from around the world in the industry.


Murtaza Mustafa, with qualifications in software engineering and management sciences and experience of more than 7 years including teaching, training, channel & business development. He also loves interacting with people alike to fulfil his passion of bringing the larger change through education.

Date and Time

Saturday, December 23 2017