ACD Session No: 397 : Empowering Teachers for the Digital Future Concluded on Saturday, November 25 2017

In a day and age where technology seems to be influencing nearly every aspect of our daily lives, teachers, too, now have the opportunity to enhance their efficiency levels, and the overall classroom experience by incorporating the use of various digital resources into their work practices. With access to some extremely user-friendly technological applications and devices, teachers can work in a much more quicker, efficient, and organized manner. The creation of grade sheets, test papers, creative art work, planners, etc. can now literally be done with just a few simple clicks. What’s more interesting is, that by incorporating just some of these tools into their teaching practices, they can now provide their students with a whole new level of learning.

So, join us for this session as we help the teacher in you feel empowered in a way that you never have before! Let us show you how you can gain access to, and utilize some of the latest technological resources in a manner that is most suited to your requirements. Be prepared to be welcomed to your new reality, a digital future – where the goal is to work smart, not hard!

Session Objectives:

Ø Discuss with teachers how the use of technology is changing the education industry

Ø Help teachers incorporate the use of technology into their work practices and the classroom

Ø Familiarize teachers with certain tools and applications that can help them enhance the overall teaching experience

Venue                                                                                                       SPELT House:  101 First Floor Plot No. C-28 Khe-Ittehad,                Lane 12 Phase II Ext. D.H.A, Karachi

Date & Time

3:00 to 5:00 pm

November 25,  2017