06-Hour Workshop : The Future is Now Concluded on Saturday, April 7 2018

The future is not what it was, said Kenneth Cragg and indeed he was right. The speed of change is giving us a massive disorientation: physically, socially and mentally.


In this workshop Abbas Husain will explore the six key dimensions where we can maintain our social health in an age of Overload. Then he will turn to the six aspects of the Modern world which puts our mental health in serious jeopardy.

The hallmark of the day is the exploration of possible solutions to these concerns. The deep conversation will allow a sharing of wisdom among the participants and it is hoped that everyone will be enriched by it.


  • During the workshop participants will
  • Identify key dimensions that cause overload.
  • Enumerate aspects of the modern world that cause disturbance.
  • Become aware of ways to maintain psycho-social health.

Who Should Attend?

Target Audience:

  • ELT professionals who want to understand student – teacher relationships
  • Teachers interested in understanding social emotional issues in the modern era.
  • Students of linguistics and psychology
  • Anyone interested in understanding human nature


Day: Saturday

Date: April: 07, 2018

Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm


Workshop Fee

Members Fee:   PKR.4400/-

Non Members Fee: PKR 4900/-



Workshop material, Certificate and lunch will be provided

Limited seats on first come, first served basis



There is hardly a forum in Pakistan’s education scene where the name of Abbas Husain is not recognized as a dedicated teacher trainer and educator. He is committed to the exploration of each participant’s voice, and is known for his highly interactive facilitating style. He is known as an articulate advocate of the intellectual authority of teachers in society. He received his education from University of Karachi and University of Manchester. He has also received professional training from the Universities of Pittsburgh, Toronto, Louisville and Chicago. He is one of the founder members of SPELT. He has trained over 42,000 teachers trained countrywide over the last 23 years. His lectures and talks have been appreciated at Houston, Dallas, London, Boston and New York. In February 2009, he attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C with President Obama as Chief Guest. Since 2010 he has conducted School Leadership Trainings in Dubai, Muscat, Kabul, Mumbai and Burhanpur (

Date and Time

Saturday, April 7 2018

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