Post Conference Institute 3-hour workshop : Best Practices for Career Path Development Concluded on Monday, October 30 2017

Join us for an interactive workshop program where we explore ways of improving our professional lives.  We will connect aspects of our TESOL skills (applied linguistics, pedagogy and cross-cultural communication) with life skills (leadership, teamwork, advising, coaching, group dynamics, community engagement and government relations). Participate in this session related to career paths that capitalize on multiple skills for life-long enrichment and making a difference in the world.

Participants of this workshop will:

Explore ways of enriching their professional lives

Become aware of how to connect with other aspects of TESOL/ELT skills in order to gain versatility

Gain an understanding of how, as ELT professionals, they can make a difference in the world around them.


Who should attend?

English language teachers  at all levels.

ELT Professionals seeking to explore new directions in their careers.


Date:    October 30, 2017

Time:    11:00 am -2:00 pm


Workshop Fee


Members: Rs. 2200/-

Non-members Rs. 2700/-


Limited seats on first come, first served basis

Inclusive of course materials, certificate,  & refreshments

Venue:   SPELT Head Office, Karachi


Retired Professor, TESOL and ESL (effective August 15, 2016) Principal, Liz England and Associates, LLC

Date and Time

Monday, October 30 2017

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