Post Conference Institute 3- hour workshop : Grammar teaching: what? how? and why? Concluded on Monday, October 30 2017

What’s more important: the rules or the meaning? accuracy or fluency? contextualised grammar practice or mechanical, decontextualized sentences? Do we need to use published teaching material or do we have the confidence to create our own tasks? How far does control of grammar affect our communication? And what has recent research shown about the relationship between grammar and meaning? The objective of this Post-Conference Institute is to discuss and answer the above questions, relating to the teaching contexts of the participants. Tasks will be practical, involving participants actively in evaluating, ranking and experimenting with different types of grammar presentation and practice.

We will first do some tasks to agree on what grammar is and how we can best communicate this, and suitable ways of learning it, to our learners. After discussing the importance of context and function, we will then look at several different ways of structuring a grammar lesson (PPP – Presentation, Practice, Production; TTT – Test, Teach, Test; ESA – Engage, Study, Activate; TBA – Task-based Approach) and evaluate how important meaning and context are in each. This training session is aimed at both teachers who already know and use these lesson structures, and those who the structures may be new to. Finally, we will look at different types of grammar practice task, in published and online materials and from real life. From decontextualized online practice exercises to authentic, generative contexts, we will decide on the effectiveness for various learning purposes. To end the session, we will create our own grammar practice tasks and share.

Who should attend?

English language teachers  at all levels.

Day and Date

October 30, 2017


Timings: 3:00 pm -6:00 pm

 Course Fee:


Member’s Fee: Rs.2200/-

Non Member’s Fee: Rs.2700/-


Limited seats on first come,first served basis




Inclusive of course materials, certificate, & refreshments

Venue:   SPELT Head office, Karachi



To engage teachers in discussion and activities that help them make informed decisions about teaching grammar


Linda Ruas has been teaching and training teachers for over thirty-five years, mostly in London, but also for ten years in Brazil and shorter periods in Japan, São Tomé and Príncipe, and projects working with volunteers teaching in refugee camps in France and Greece. Linda has an MA in Second Language Learning and Teaching, and several advanced practical teaching certificates. She now teaches and trains teachers at London South East Colleges, Greenwich. Her main interest area is global issues and she is Joint Coordinator of the IATEFL Global Issues Special Interest Group. She has written Global Justice in Easier English (published by New Internationalist, 3 levels, 2016), Why Global Issues? and, jointly, A-Z of Global Issues (both published by Academic Study Kit, 2017), she manages the online New Internationalist Easier English wiki ( and is passionate about bringing global issues into ELT to help create a more understanding, equal, just future.

Date and Time

Monday, October 30 2017

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