A 7-hour workshop: Creating Engaging Learning Conversation. Easy ways to convert a routine classroom into a learning facilitative Concluded on Saturday, October 14 2017


Over the years, a lot has changed – in life, industry and education. From what used to be a didactically overdone instructional set-up, modern day classrooms are expected to be great at enticing interest, engaging energies and nurturing creativity. A flawed assumption is that it is resource and technology dependent, which it is definitely not.

Used intelligently classical learning theories and models can create amazing learning magic in the same classroom.

This session will focus on revisiting teaching & learning as an art as well as science.

By the end of the sessions, participants will be exposed to ideas such as:

  • Identify their own learning style that influences their teaching style to become better learning facilitators
  • Differentiate between teacher centered approach and learner centered approach
  • Develop a learning model using learning principles and models
  • Use available resources including students to engage available learning capacities.
  • Apply principles of providing effective feedback
  • Value importance of being effective to be influential learning facilitator

During the workshop, learning leaders will be engaged in activities and tasks to develop insight and foresight into becoming learning change leaders in their own capacity. Participants will engage in motivating activities like problem identification and solving, organizing ideas, participating in simulation, role play engaging with videos as required.


  Target Audience

  •          ELT practitioners of all levels
  • Home schooling teachers



  • Content area teachers of all levels
  • Tuition teachers




Date: October 14, 2017

Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm


Limited seats on first come, first served basis


Training material, certificates and lunch, tea/refreshment will be provided


Venue:   SPELT Head office, Karachi


Course Fee


For Members:             Rs.2,300/

For Non Members:    Rs. 2,800/-


Become a member on the spot and avail

 member rates. Institutional members - send 4 teachers at member rates.










Dr. Qazi Tauseef (QT) brings diverse experiences and insight to share having been language teacher, broadcaster, Copy/Concept in advertising, Scriptwriter, Health Communication trainer for Doctors & Health Practice Specialists, medical teacher, and an HR professional with Training & Organization Development as his area of specialization. It's fair to state that Tauseef is a "41 year young' man" with innovative ideas and readiness to experiment and experience every moment. He specializes in facilitating and managing learning initiatives and events from basic soft skills development events i.e. Communication & Interpersonal skills to specialized topics such as Human Resource Management, Learning & Organizational Development and Education planning for Teachers and Educators.

Date and Time

Saturday, October 14 2017

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