A 6-Hour Workshop : Games and More in the language classroom Concluded on Saturday, September 16 2017


Language teaching classrooms can become pretty boring and tedious for learners and teachers. Especially when the set of structures and lexico-grammatical items need to be recycled and spiraled repeatedly. Games, songs, music and other creative activities enliven the classroom, make for enjoyment and become experiential learning in fun ways.

This workshop is aimed at: Using a variety of activities to remove barriers and inhibitions in order to promote learning is a safe, secure and friendly environment.

Participants will,

  • Develop awareness of the importance of fun
  • Participate in fun elements
  • Discuss and share ideas and opinions
  • Practice ‘fun’ activities



Date: September 16, 2017



Limited seats on first come, first served basis


Training material, certificates and lunch, tea/refreshment will be provided


Venue:   SPELT Head office, Karachi


Course Fee


For Members:             Rs.3 200/

For Non Members:    Rs. 3700/-


Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm


Become a member on the spot and avail

 member rates Institutional members - send 4 teachers at member rates.










Mr. Mohsin Tejani is an international trainer and presenter, who has worked with trainee groups in Bangladesh, Nepal, United States, and throughout Pakistan. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the School of Writing, a Consultant and Lead Trainer at the British Council, the Director of ABL Massachusetts – USA, and President of Society for International Education. He has attended training programs in France, England, United States, Turkey, UAE, and Pakistan, and has worked for many international organizations including MSI, USAID, Aga Khan Development Network, UNICEF, and GIZ. Mr. Tejani has an MA in English from Middlebury College, USA, ICELT from Cambridge University, UK and Certificate from ABL Writing Program from Andover Massachusetts, USA. He has attended courses at Harvard, Oxford, and Sheffield Hallam universities.

Date and Time

Saturday, September 16 2017

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