A 6-Hour Workshop : Practicing life skills to teach life skills in language classrooms Concluded on Saturday, August 12 2017

Teachers need to practice ‘life skills’ in order to train students in life skills in their classrooms. Life skills are an important aspect of learning because they help students to learn

Outcomes of life skills 

Teamwork, self-esteem, learning from each other, confidence etc.

Therefore, our facilitator will assist teachers in practicing aspects of

  • Decision-making, & problem-solving,
  • coping with emotions,
  • interpersonal relationships and communication, including, empathy (concern for others)

These few concepts will be demonstrated and practiced with hands on activities to help teachers get to grips with them for the purpose of using them as in-class teaching – learning strategies.

In short, the facilitator will plan to maximize the use of the above skills to expose teachers to how they can use them in their own classes.



Sam Dossa, visiting from the UK, is an Entrepreneur, Business & Life Coach, ILM Certified Trainer and Psychometric Assessor. As a result of his extensive international training of entrepreneurs and leaders since 2002, he is recognised as one of the UK’s top trainers and coaches. In 2005, he began offering talks and workshops for young adults at schools and colleges. In that time, he trained and spoke to over 8,000 young adults. They include the gifted and talented as well as students with behavioural challenges. Aside from young adults, Sam has been associated in capacity building projects with a number of high –powered companies in UK. We are happy to welcome him back to SPELT.

Date and Time

Saturday, August 12 2017

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