15-Hour Course : Learning and Teaching Organized Writing Concluded on Monday, July 3 2017

Writing is an extremely valuable skills but it also happens to be the most difficult one to acquire, and also to teach. In other words, writing that is meaningful, efficient, effective is a high level communication skill that needs to be consciously focused on.

Unfortunately, teachers themselves are rather ‘shaky’ about their own writing skills, therefore experience a degree of hesitation in ‘teaching’ writing in an organized, clear, manner and so students end up with underdeveloped writing skills.

The aim of this workshop is to help teachers practice organized writing so that they can replicate the same strategies and techniques for their students – whether at the school level or at the higher education and professional level, in fact even when teaching creative writing.

Participants in this workshop will be

  • Exposed to writings to distinguish between organized and unorganized writing
  • Required to analyze samples of writing to decide whether the writing is truly meaningful
  • Provided opportunities to practice the writing process methodically
  • Given a chance to plan different types of writing activities for classes.

Target audience:

  • Writing teachers from higher elementary to tertiary levels
  • Teachers who would like to acquire a deeper understanding about writing
  • Individuals who have a passion for writing
  • Parents who wish to help their children become better writers
  • Students who are pursuing higher education and want to improve writing skills

Date and Timings


Day:  Monday to Friday

Date: July 03 to 07, 2017


Time: 3:00 to 6:00 pm


Course Fee

Members Fee: Rs. 3,200/-

Non Members Fee: Rs. 3,700/-


Venue: SPELT Head office, Karachi         

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Rehmat Ebrahim, the workshop facilitator, has been associated with teaching content area and ESL to middle school and adults for more than 25 years. In addition, she holds workshops, training sessions and courses for professionals in all aspects of Communication Skills and Life Skills. She is also associated with NGOs and other non-profits that concentrate on developing and disseminating trainings in professional development and values education for the underprivileged sectors of society.

Date and Time

Monday, July 3 2017

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