15-Hour Course : Teaching with all Dimensions of Learning (A Course for Professional Development) Concluded on Monday, July 3 2017

The 21st century makes it critical for teachers  especially EL teachers, to acquire professional development skills for better and more efficient classroom practices. The Five Dimensions of Learning is a comprehensive model that defines the learning  process and engages teachers in a systematic process of critical professional inquiry.

In this course the participants will:


  1. Analyse the five dimensions of learning presented by Robert J. Marzano
  2. Examine and discuss the value of each dimension of learning
  3. Use strategies to teach different types of knowledge
  4. Plan a lesson keeping in mind all the dimensions of learning


Who Should Attend?

Heads of Schools and Coordinators, English Teachers, Teachers of content area subjects, Tuition and home schooling teachers. In fact, anyone who wants to upgraded their knowledge about teaching.


Date and Timings


Day:  Monday to Friday

Date: July 3 to 7, 2017


Time: 10:00am to 1:00 pm



Course Fee

Members Fee: Rs. 3,200/-

Non Members Fee: Rs. 3,700/-


Venue: SPELT Head office  Karachi

Limited seats on first come, first serve basis


Rahila Waqar is the Deputy Director of the Usman Public School System, Director Research at Educational Research Institute and editor of ERI Journal and SPELT journal. She has been a lecturer at PAF-KIET and has taught ‘Guidance and Counselling’ and ‘Educational Leadership’ to MBA-EL students. She holds MA degree in English Literature and Education. She holds an Advanced Diploma in School Management from Institute of Educational Development (I.Ed); has attended various year-long as well as short courses from I.Ed, ERI, SPELT, TRC and TDC. She is also an M.Phil. candidate in Education at Hamdard University. As a Teacher Educator she has facilitated workshops on varied topics. She has published articles on various pedagogical issues. She has authored books for children and has designed educational games.

Date and Time

Monday, July 3 2017

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