1. Expressing yourself fluently and proficiently. A Helen O’Grady special for teachers. 2. Story Writing Concluded on Saturday, July 1 2017

  1. Expressing yourself fluently and proficiently.  A Helen O’Grady special for teachers.


The Helen O’Grady program is a UK based multi-level oral fluency and proficiency program.  SPELT is introducing teachers to this treat as a special Eid bonus. The program is energetic, and exciting.


 Note: Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes, you will be on your feet for the entire 45-minute session. This introductory session does not carry a certificate.

Date: July 1, 2017   Time: 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm.  Venue: SPELT House



   2.                                                             Story Writing


Stories play a vital role in language learning. Much acquisition of language takes place through stories because writers use appealing language features to attract readers and involve them emotionally. They use strategies for capturing attention and emotions in ways that transport readers to a whole new world of imagination, feelings, emotions and sensations. These are the very features that keep readers absorbed. Another feature of stories is the judicious use of ‘Figurative language’ to transform ordinary descriptions into evocative events, enhance the emotional significance of passages and turn ordinary writing into literature. Stories also help the reader to understand the underlying symbolism of a scene or more fully recognize a literary theme.


Venue                                                                                                                                  Date & Time

SPELT House:  101 First Floor Plot No. C-28 Khe-Ittehad,                                             July 1, 2017

Lane 12 Phase II Ext. D.H.A, Karachi                                                                                 3:00 to 5:00pm



Admissions open

In-Service Certificate in English Language

Teaching (ICELT)


  Limited seats on first come, first served basis





Sonia Kazim is a self- motivated and widely experienced teacher trainer, who is constantly in search of new opportunities for professional development. She is teaching at Falconhouse Grammar School A Levels Campus as an O Level English Language Teacher. .In addition to her own classroom teaching she is a trainer for the Diploma course of English Language Teaching (DELT) at ERI (Education research Institute). She is a sought after trainer for SAT, GMAT, IELTS and GRE. As a SPELTer, she volunteered as the Academic Coordinator from 2014 to 2017. Her various professional activities include textbook writing, teacher training, and a number of other professional activities including research. As a conscientious person, she has been honored with membership to the Board of Directors of Awareness Voluntary Organization-

Date and Time

Saturday, July 1 2017