ACD Session No: 388 : “Study Technology” Concluded on Saturday, February 25 2017

What is Study Technology?

Learning how to Learn has been the vital missing ingredient that has hampered all fields of study. It handicaps both children in school and people in life. This is one of the reasons that a majority of students find education a trying and difficult process. Not only that, whatever they study, they are unable to apply what they have learned. It is a reality of the modern world that learners must have an ability to assimilate important information, retain it and then be able to apply it. This process, whether formal or informal, is what is meant by "study."

L. Ron Hubbard recognized the failings of modern education and training in 1950, many years before educational horror stories began to make headlines and he developed a precise technology on how to learn any subject to overcome the shortcomings in education. His breakthroughs came to be known as "study technology," This session will provide an introduction to the technology.


Venue                                                                                                                                 Date & Time

SPELT House:  101 First Floor Plot No. C-28 Khe-Ittehad,                               February 25, 2017

Lane 12 Phase II Ext. D.H.A, Karachi                                                                   3:00 to 5:00pm



 Sonia Kazim                                                                                                      

Academic Coordinator, 2016-17

SPELT Working Committee,



Azhar Jamil: is an MBA from city University London (1968). He has become a trainer in Study Technology. He joined the NGO SAHEE, and working with them on their ‘jail projects’ which has helped them become a leading name in Prisoners Rehabilitation over the last ten years.

Date and Time

Saturday, February 25 2017