ACD Session No: 382 : Power of Words Concluded on Saturday, August 27 2016

Decades of research by the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation, an independent, nonprofit scientific research and educational organization, confirms that income and vocabulary size are correlated. Think of every word you add to your vocabulary as being like a dollar deposited to your personal bank account. A powerful vocabulary allows you to express your thoughts clearly and precisely. Therefore the objective of this session will be to share strategies on how to increase and enhance your own vocabulary by exposure to using a variety of methods -  like power of association, meditation, narration, onomatopoeia, linking, affixing, shadowing, etymology, etiology, poly furcation, rhyming and even by singing. All strategies demonstrated will provide excitement and pleasure in developing a plethora of lexical items to your rather limited cache of lexical items.



Mr. Mazhar Jamil has earned an M.Sc. (applied Mathematics), an M.Sc. (Computer Science) and an M.Sc. (applied Statistics) from Karachi University. He has about 20 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics at SZABIST, DHA, KASBIT, COMMIT and TIP. Learning English vocabulary has been his passion throughout his life. Therefore, he has a treasure trove of three decades of research on how to memorize words by conscious effort of mind and not by rote learning. He is the owner of the intellectual property ENGLISHTICSTM.

Date and Time

Saturday, August 27 2016