Plenary Speaker

Dr. Lou

Adrian Tennant
Freelance ELT Consultant, UK

21st Century Learning: Looking Beyond the Horizons.

Today not a single conference goes by without the words 21st century skills being mentioned, but often without them being defined. Sometimes we hear the use of the enigmatic phrase ‘The four Cs’ but again as though we should all know what these Cs are. Of course, some of you will know that they are Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Critical Thinking. But, what do we mean by these terms, and why are they so important in today’s world?

This talk will try to shed some light on what challenges teachers face in the 21st century, why teaching is different (or can be different) from the past, what the four C’s mean, whether another concept arising in the West is transferable to other contexts and why teaching using 21st ideas will help our students look beyond the horizons.

Adrian Tennant has been involved in ELT for over 25 years and now divides his time between writing, teacher training, giving talks & workshops at conferences around the world and working as an ELT consultant. He has presented at SPELT on two previous occasions”


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